Who is REDI?

We do things you would never imagine...

REDI is the driving force behind the movement to build a community where everyone belongs. This is not just a marketing catch-phrase. It is a fundamental belief, and heartfelt mission on the part of all of us who work day in and day out to move our community closer to that goal.

REDI exists to assist individuals attain respect, opportunity and responsibility. We value reciprocal respect, trust, integrity, support, honesty, empowerment, compassion and accountability.

Every day we develop and deliver meaningful programs, supports and advocacy. We contract with Alberta Human Services and Alberta Health Services and collaborate with other community based organizations, health professionals, mental health outreach, probation officers and the Medicine Hat Police, and community members, in a shared vision where people are healthy, safe and feel connected to the community in which they live.

So much that we take for granted in our community today had its beginning with an eight word advertisement which ran over 60 years ago...

"anyone interested in helping the handicapped, please phone..."

That ad placed by Mrs. Beth Clark and Mrs. Ada Williams in the Medicine Hat News in 1950 was the foundation upon which our work to build a community where everyone belongs was founded. The recognition by these two visionary women that all people should have an opportunity to make a contribution in their community was the seed which eventually grew into what we now know as REDI Enterprises Society.

We began our work at a time when society believed that people with disabilities were a burden; when segregation and isolation were the norm. Since that time, we have worked on many levels so that people living with disabilities enjoy working, volunteering and building lives in a community where everyone belongs.