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Making Connections: A Network for Change

The Alberta Brain Injury Initiative (Network) through Alberta Community Development, was launched September 2000, to address the needs of adults with acquired brain injury. The aim of the initiative is to provide province-wide community support services to enable persons with brain injuries work, live and participate in their communities.

The Network is comprised of four elements: Support, Coordination, Community Capacity and Prevention. These elements will be developed through contracts with community-based agencies for the provision of service coordinators in all regions of the province.

Support: The service coordinators will provide a supportive role in assisting survivors and their families/caregivers to access the supports they require from the appropriate authority. Initially, it is important that baseline data is captured regionally and provincially that establishes the availability and extent to which supports are accessed and/or required.

Coordination: The Network’s service coordinators will build on existing links and establish new opportunities for collaboration in their respective regions.

Community Capacity: We recognize and respect the assets and capacities of communities across Alberta and their desire to be directly involved in decisions and solutions that impact them. The Alberta Brain Injury Network will challenge individuals and communities to create new partnerships and find innovation solutions to include individuals with acquired brain injury as participating members.

Prevention: The Alberta Brain Injury Network will strive to support the development of an informed and caring community through initiatives that promote prevention of acquired brain injures, as well as increased awareness and understanding of capacities and desire of survivors to be contributing members of their communities.

Supports for Community Living

This new initiative was launched in 2003 to provide Supports for Community Living services to individuals affected by brain injury in their own homes, in their own communities.

The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to those eighteen years of age and over, to attain an optimal quality of life in their community while preserving and respecting their individual rights and dignity.

Specific objectives are determined by the individual survivor's needs, strengths, and are outlined in the Individual Service Plan.

The service is survivor directed and is provided on a one-to-one basis.

The Supports for Community Living (SCL) staff are contracted to provide assistance to survivors according to the Individual Service Plan.

Under the guidance of the Service Coordinators for the South Region the Supports for Community Living staff will assist the survivor of brain injury by:

Criteria for Accessing this service

All persons with brain injury have the right to services that support them in reaching their highest potential in their community. Properly implemented support services can enhance the quality of life for the person with a brain injury.

For further information please contact South Region Service Coordinators:

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