860 Allowance Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7S6
Phone: (403) 526-5742
Fax:(403) 529-0462
Email: REDI@redi.ca

Enabling individuals to attain respect, opportunity, and responsibility

Who are we?
A non-profit agency serving Medicine Hat since 1952.

Target Population:

Individuals and families of individuals facing either developmental, physical, social, economic, or political barriers.

Our Services are delivered through the following Divisions:

Vocational Services (VS)

Community Support Services (CSS)

Brain Injury Relearning Services (BIRS) and Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN)

Member of:

Alberta Council of Disability Services
Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce
LEARN (Adult Education Council)
United Way of Southeastern Alberta

Other Links:

Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships
Alberta College of Social Workers
Alberta Culture
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Human Services
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
City of Medicine Hat
Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta
Community Futures Entre Corp Business Development Centre
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Cross Ministry Committee
Government of Alberta
Human Resource Institute of Alberta 
The Advocacy Group (TAG)
Persons with Developmental Disabilities Boards
Urban Cap
Occupational Health & Safety Act
Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
Occupational Health & Safety Code

Other Services and Products:

REDI Bottle Depot

REDI Recycle

REDI Recycle Drop off Centres:

REDI Benches